Travel with Angels llc. is a full service solution for seniors, parents, or grandparents that
have lost the confidence or ability to travel. Aging, medical concerns, and difficulty with
mobility are some of the reasons many people stop traveling, even if this is something
that they enjoy. We can help, our company enables people to vacation that may be
faced with
any type of medical or physical challenges by providing full service care
throughout your entire vacation. With full service care, you have the opportunity to
meet new friends, relax, or connect with a new cultural experience minus the stress or
concern for your health or abilities.
When you Travel with Angels you receive more than a vacation. We
provide all of the following services:
Registered Nurse (R.N.) assessment and travel support
One/One experienced/certified caregiver
R.N. Assistance with your doctor for travel clearance
All details of vacation planned and organized
Packing assistance
Wheelchair and/or walker assistance
Assistance of daily living within clients rights
Medication assistance
DVD and photographs of your vacation
Prearranged Tours
Travel Insurance - Required
*Some exceptions may apply
Alaska Cruise 2007
Hawaii - Big Island - 2006
Upcoming Vacations
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Travel with Angels
"Certainly, travel is more than seeing of sights; it  is a change that
goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living."
Miriam Beard